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About our institution

Capacity Management Centre (CMC) was established in the year 2012. It Originally Started as an Information Technology training centre which delivered specialized training in Database Management, Web Design, I.C.T Skills for Business, Hardware and Networking, Econometric Applications such as: STATA, E-VIEWS®8, LIMPED 10, SPSS, which are all soft wares for Data Analysis.

CMC is also affiliated to the Ghana Christian University College, they are our external examiners and also award our students with their certificates.

In the year 2013, the management of CMC decided to branch into languages precisely English Proficiency for Non English speaking persons, though people with English backgrounds who wanted to polish or do advanced English were equally admitted. That year we registered and admitted our first two students from Benin Republic. CMC since then is able to graduate close to 100 students each year with majority coming from Benin Republic and other countries like Equatorial Guinea, Senegal, Niger, Netherlands, and Cote D’ivoire. Capacity Management Centre has trained over 500 students since its insertion in 2012.

Presently, CMC has only one Office based in Accra-Ghana but we work hand in hand with the Ghana Embassies in the various countries mentioned above for the recruitment of students.

Training and Lessons in Capacity Management Centre is structured in a way to enable students to practically apply what they've been taught in the classrooms, so as to perfect the language in terms of speaking (articulation) and writing.

We have programs like Seminars, Debates and excursions which help students to be able to apply the Language practically, in communicating and cultural expressions. We also provide in-service training to schools, training for craftsmen and staffs of microfinance companies.


To transform and merge Africa through world-class explorational education.


To train and develop individuals and organisations in linguistic and vocational skills.


Our Performance

Our aim is to make CMC-Ghana an Outstanding Language Proficiency Centre and also a high performing capacity development, cross disciplinary and a culturally diversified community with a strong sense of inclusion.

To achieve this, we continue to deliver consistently outstanding teaching and learning; and also introduce programmes that prepare our learners for effective English proficiency and vocational skills that enhance their capacities in society and open up job opportunities across the globe.

By the end of 2019 we recorded 99% pass rate of our learners of the English Proficiency programme which was assessed and awarded by the Ghana Christian University College in Amrahia- Accra.

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